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SAIL is a web-based screening and application tool that will allow Maryland applicants to complete the following:

Am I Eligible? - A series of questions to help you decide for which social services benefits you and members of your family may want to apply.

Start an Application - Apply on-line any time of day or night for the following programs:

Enlace al formulario en Español 9701, el cual se puede imprimir, completar y enviar por correo o ser entregado al departamento local de servicios sociales. 9701 Solicitud Para Asistencia

Report a Change - If you currently receive benefits and have a change in your household's circumstances, such as a new address, someone moving in or out, or an increase or decrease in income, you can report this information on-line.

Si usted desea reportar un cambio por medio de el formulario de informe de cambio en Español, por favor haga click aquí. El formulario se puede imprimir, completar y envíarse por correo o ser entregado al departamento local de servicios sociales. 491 FIA Formulario De Informe Sobre Los Cambios

Print Verification Form - You can print a verification form to complete and mail to your local department.

Become a Community Partner - Your organization may be able to help our customers apply for benefits by becoming a Community Partner.

There are also links to other programs and services such as the Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Program.