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Welcome to SAIL Am I Eligible.

From here you can tell which social service benefit program you and the members of your family may be eligible to receive. It does not guarantee that you will qualify for the programs.

SAIL screening will ask questions about your family members. You must enter correct information for SAIL to properly determine what programs you may be eligible for.

The answers you give to the questions are private. We do not share your information with anyone. We do not keep the information that you enter on the screening form unless you apply for benefits right after you complete the screening. If you do not apply the information is erased when you leave SAIL screening.

After you finish the screening questions and see the programs you may be eligible for, you must still apply for the programs by completing the on-line application. You may also go to your Local Department of Social Services or Local Health Department to apply for benefits.

If you choose, you can skip the screening questions and go right to the application.

Please note: If your household wants to apply for Food Stamps and is in an emergency situation (very little money or shelter expenses that are more than your gross income) you may have the right to get food stamps quickly.